Accessorize Your Prom Dress – Ideas That Will Have You Looking Like a Hollywood Star

You have shopped high and low and finally have found the perfect prom dress. Now it’s time for some fun by buying the accessories to wear with it. It’s the accessories such as earrings, shoes, jewelry and even the makeup that will add the finishing 3D mink eyelashes to your glamorous prom look and here are some ideas to get you started:

3D mink eyelashes
3D mink eyelashes

Eyeshadow: To really illuminate your eyes, try sweeping a metallic eyeshadow from the inner corner of your eye all over your eyelid. Then with a very thin brush, apply some shadow underneath your lower lashes too.

Nail Polish: Try wearing a nail polish with glitter or sparkles. You can use a nail polish color to match your shoes or use a color that really contrasts them. For instance, if your shoes are a jewel-toned purple, you can go with a deep purple nail polish to match or you can go with a silver nail polish that sparkles and adds a bit of contrast.

Shoes: Your shoe color doesn’t have to match your dress. In fact, if your dress is a solid color don’t buy matching color shoes unless they have some sort of embellishment in gemstones or rhinestones. This will break up the color a bit and it also 3D mink eyelashes a little bit of glitz and glamour to your feet as well.

You can also look for shoes in metallic colors such as gold, bronze, silver and pewter. Metallic is really popular and looks great with almost any shade of dress. For a bit of the wild side, take a look at shoes with animal prints such as cheetah, leopard or zebra. They will certainly add a bit of fun to your outfit.

If high heels just aren’t for you, then consider wearing some flats. They come in many beautiful styles that are embellished with rhinestones, gemstones, ruffles and prints. Plus, you will be a lot more comfortable on the dance floor as you dance the night away.

Earrings: Earrings can either be very subtle such as tiny teardrops or be big and bold such as long dangly rhinestones or chandelier earrings with a mixture of pearls, gemstones, silver or gold metal.

Necklace: The necklace you wear really depends on the neckline of your dress. If your dress has a busy neckline then you’ll want a simple necklace such as a light chain with a tiny pendant. If your dress is strapless, you can go with a bolder necklace piece. Try twisted strands of pearls or a beautiful large vintage pendant.

Bracelets: Bracelets are fun because they come in a variety of styles and the choices are endless. You can go for a classy look with a bracelet made of pearls or you can wear two or three gemstone bracelets together for a more glamorous look. You can add sparkle and shine with 3D mink eyelashes diamonds or you add a little fun with a bold color for contrast.

Cocktail Rings: Big rings are in style and so much fun to wear. The best part of all is that they are usually very inexpensive. You can be bold and wear a huge faux diamond the size of a quarter or a beautiful faux gemstone for under ten dollars.

Evening Bags: Your evening bag is important. After all, you are going to need something to carry your lip gloss and everything else a girl needs for an evening out on the town. When selecting your bag, you don’t want to have an exact match of color or fabric to your dress. Try a different color and material, such as sequins or feathers for added texture. Metallic clutches go well with almost any dress color. For instance, if your dress is a deep emerald green, try a deep gold clutch.

Get Inspired With Pictures:

When deciding on your accessories, take a look at some glamour magazines to find a style of dress that has a similar neckline to yours and see how they accessorized it in the picture. Also, take a look at celebrity magazines and take notes of what they are wearing in those red carpet photos. Are they wearing a bold necklace with simple earrings? What color of clutch did they have with that red evening dress? What 3D mink eyelashes of shoes did they wear with that royal blue dress? How much jewelry are they wearing? Pictures can really inspire you and give you some great ideas as well.

3D mink eyelashes
3D mink eyelashes

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