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Enhance Your Looks by Applying Face Makeup

Applying face makeup in the right way can accentuate your features and at the same time hide all the imperfections that you would not like to see. Bring about a dramatic transformation to your looks by learning to apply 3d mink lashes strip in a skilled and professional manner.

3d mink lashes strip
3d mink lashes strip

It is important to remember that 3d mink lashes strip has to be applied depending on the time of day; go easy and light during the day but you can get a little more adventurous especially with your eyes and lips for a party or night out. Applying face makeup is an art and like every painting, the canvas has to be ready to receive the paint. Cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturize; this is the pre-requisite skin care regime that has to be followed every day to have great skin which will glow with the right makeup.

Next, you need to hide those ugly blemishes and under eye circles using a concealer and then blend in the foundation to even out your skin tone and make it look natural and smooth. The next step while applying face 3d mink lashes strip is to use loose powder to absorb the excess oil and last the makeup longer. Remember to always have a compact at hand for instant touch ups especially to your nose and forehead region.

Play up your eyes using different shades of eye shadow; this can open up and bring attention to your eyes which are considered to be the mirror to the soul. Using eyeliner, draw a line as close as possible to the eyelid towards the outside and smudge at the ends for a smoky effect. It is better to use a kohl pencil to line the insides as liquid liner tends to cake very easily.

The last step while applying face makeup is to outline your lips using a lip liner and then apply the lipstick. Make sure you blend both well and finish off by applying gloss for a smooth finish. And you are all done to put your best face forward.

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3d mink lashes strip
3d mink lashes strip

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