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How to Put on Clown Makeup – Learn the Best Tips and Tricks

How to put on clown false eyelashes 3D styles? This question is answered well, if you have the right look prepared before you start off. This way you can be sure of the way you want to look like rather than just blindly doing things and see how things take shape. You can paint the picture of your clown in mind on a piece of paper and accordingly collect all the essentials. The blend of colors that you use plays a very important role in putting on a good show.

false eyelashes 3D styles
false eyelashes 3D styles

There are three basic types of clown false eyelashes 3D styles that you can do. One is the classic white faced crown with exaggerated features, the other is an auguste clown whose face is flesh colored itself but again has accentuated features and the last type is the tramp who is usually dark and sad. The first thing that you need to do on how to put on clown makeup is to keep a clean face. You can wash with warm water and soap and pat it dry with a towel. If your skin is very sensitive it is a good practice to apply moisturizer.

How to put on clown false eyelashes 3D styles is answered effectively if you choose the right base. You can choose a white cream or powder base or the flesh colored one for the type of clown makeup that you are doing. Use a sponge and apply this onto your face. Make sure the surface is even by patting with the sponge.

The next thing on how to put on clown false eyelashes 3D styles is to completely fill your powder pull with the powder and pat it gently on the base makeup. This way you can set the base well and can be sure that it will not start melting with heat. Lastly, you need to separate and define the features like the eyes and mouth. You can use a paint brush and put in colors that you feel will look exemplary. Remember to powder puff the areas for a firm makeup.

You can use a baby shampoo in order to remove the false eyelashes 3D styles after the program. You might have to use it three or four times to remove it completely. Make sure you choose the right cosmetics that are safe for your skin.

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false eyelashes 3D styles
false eyelashes 3D styles

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