Top Tips For ‘Star’ Looks on a Budget

Do you long for smoother skin, fuller lips or larger false lashes for makeup?

We aren’t all blessed with perfect features and we all want to make the most of our false lashes for makeup. Even the most beautiful models feel that they can make improvements, and often do, so why shouldn’t we?

false lashes for makeup
false lashes for makeup

The problem is that for most of us the more expensive solutions are not an option.

Do not despair, here are some trusted and affordable beauty tips that may help you to achieve that ‘star’ look on a budget:

— Mix your indnk foundation 1:1 with your day cream for a home–made tinted false lashes for makeup.

— Use white eyeliner, on lower inner eyelids, to make your eyes appear larger.
— Dab gloss or shimmer on the centre of your lips to accentuate your pout.
— Use your favourite eye cream on the delicate skin around your lips (no need for ‘lip creams’!)
— Spray hosiery with hairspray before wearing to prevent runs.
— Run your razor under piping hot water before shaving for a smoother and more comfortable shave.
— Massage scalp with coconut oil prior to washing, to help combat dandruff (it has anti–fungal and anti–microbial properties.)
— Rub a mixture of coarse natural sea salt and olive oil into your skin to smooth its appearance.
— Have eyelashes and brows permanently tinted, it lasts about 3–4 weeks!
— Use lipsticks with a red tone to make teeth appear whiter. (Never apply bold lips and bold eyes together, only one or the other!)
— Strengthen nails by massaging cuticles with vitamin E oil.
— Remove residue build up in your hair with an apple cider vinegar rinse — mix half a cup with a quart of water and use as your final rinse.
— Moisturise as soon as you step out of the bath or shower for best effects and finish with a vitamin E–based oil to lock in the moisture.
— If you are on a budget but desperate for some pampering, check out your local college’s beauty therapy department for affordable treatments from students. Bear in mind that you will be receiving a treatment from someone who is learning, and choose accordingly!
— It sounds obvious but SMILE! Be confident, it’s the most attractive quality of all and it doesn’t cost a thing!

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false lashes for makeup
false lashes for makeup

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