Makeup Vs Plastic Surgery

Many of you probably already know how to apply makeup eyelash and I think that’s a good thing. Makeup gives you a finished look. It gives you the feeling of being “ready” for the day, but what if you could take it to the next level and really transform your face?

 makeup eyelash
makeup eyelash

Every person has unique facial characteristics. No two faces are exactly alike, right? We know that everyone has differences in shape, color, and size of all the different components of the face. Different eyes, noses, lips, chins, eye brows, and foreheads. All these different parts combine to create endless unique individual faces. Some are considered very beautiful and others, not so much. What makes a persons’ face beautiful? What is it about certain faces that are so attractive?

Research has shown that we as humans are attracted to a very specific set of facial attributes. Scientists who have studied thousands of faces, have discovered that there are certain proportions and ratios on the face that we almost universally consider to be beautiful. Like a formula or template, if your face doesn’t fit into the template exactly, perhaps your eyes are too close or too far apart or the distance from the nose to the chin is too close, the proportions of the face will be different from the formula.

This doesn’t mean that you are not beautiful if you don’t fit the average template. (True beauty is based on many different complex factors; we are just talking about your outer appearance right now.) Most faces do deviate from this formula in one way or another, whether it be uneven eyes, small lips, a particularly round face, or a long narrow face. So what can you do about it?

Plastic surgery is an option for some who are really unhappy with their facial features. Every part of the face can be surgically altered to some extent and this is clearly what many have already done. Regardless of what some may tell you, cosmetic surgery is painful, expensive and involves risks. The disturbing part about surgery is you may not be happy with the results after it’s all over. So what else can you do?Use the art of makeup eyelash , it’s a whole lot easier, cheaper and far less painful. When you know the correct way to apply makeup to suit your unique face, the results are like magic!

Learn how to accent your best features and take the emphasis off the negative ones by bringing your face into alignment with the ideal beauty proportion. Once you learn how to apply makeup this way, you can forget the plastic surgery!

 makeup eyelash
makeup eyelash

Emma K Peters is a professional makeup eyelash artist in film and fashion. You can find tons more articles, tips, tutorials and videos on her website at indnk her makeup course.

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