Real mink lashes for sale  – How to Achieve Maximum Hold Giving You Perfect, Natural Eyelashes

There are countless women who admit to having a problem with fake lashes. Many women I have spoken to simply dismiss false lashes as a gimmick stating “they never stay on my eyes” or “they just look un-natural!”. Well this can be true and I’m sure you can relate to this because, when I first was introduced to fake lashes little over 2 years ago I was exactly the same real mink lashes for sale .

Learning the hard way: Why I avoid glue that comes with false eyelashes

I was first introduced to falsies by my friend Alisha who swore by them and wore them almost everyday in the workplace and for evenings out. She recommended I start with some self adhesive false real mink lashes for sale . These where the kind with a fine strip of eyelash adhesive on the ridge, which you were supposed to peel off and apply to your eyelid. Of course, it did not turn out as expected. Leaving me with half the lash hanging off my eye, which was very embarrassing!

real mink lashes for sale 
real mink lashes for sale

The next logical progression was onto lashes with glue included in the pack. Although these were way easier to apply the glue just did not hold so again I was always the one left with one eyelash hanging off my eye, just the same as the self adhesive real mink lashes for sale . I later did some research into false eyelash bonding and discovered that the false eyelash adhesive that comes pre-packaged with a lot of the popular false lash brands is low quality and made with chemicals that can cause skin irritation. Generally this is because the chemicals are supposed to react with the skin and form a firm hold, like a false eyelash sealant. However this is often not the case and the chemicals lose their effectiveness over time causing friction and irritation as the lash rubs against the eye. It is hard to believe that false eyelash cement is overlooked by reputable companies who only seem to focus on the eyelashes themselves.

Finally I found the secret to gorgeous, natural looking lashes

Feeling pretty confident that I could at least apply false eyelash glue, I researched online and found there are a handful of retailers that stocked lash adhesive separately and found that this extra investment was the secret ingredient to achieving a professional, natural look with false lashes.

From indnk that day forward I have never experienced any real problems from adhesive except maybe the slight irritation with daily use but that is to be expected! I also find that it is easier to glue fake lashes with the individual false eyelash cement. I have started to use a cocktail stick to gently apply the lash adhesive onto the ridge of the lash. This technique works really well and avoids any contact with the lash itself. Remember to leave a 20 second delay between application to the eyelid to ensure a strong false eyelash sealant is created around the lash glue and the skin.

real mink lashes for sale 
real mink lashes for sale

One thing that I forgot to mention is how difficult, boring and time consuming it can be searching for the right false eyelash adhesive luckily there is a site dedicated to quickly showing you the best false eyelash adhesive on the market! False Eyelash


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